Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meat on the Fourth of July

Some downtown Albany friends of mine invited me for a Fourth of July barbecue to celebrate Uh'Merica. I thought what better way to celebrate Uh'Merica than with meat- several species in several combinations. On the menu from my end was bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed, White Eagel brand brats, Rochester Whites, and red wine marinated sirloin. I ensured that none of these fine proteins even touched vegetable matter so as to ensure it was not tainted by any healthy nonsense.

I threw about 8 bacon dogs and 25 Rochester Whites on the grill at the same time and quickly managed to start a large meat fire. The uncleaned grill combining with the melting bacon grease caused quite the conflagration. I was nonplussed because the only thing better than a bacon cheese dog, is a flame broiled bacon cheese dog. See below.

I thought the bacon dogs among the Rochester whites looked like the parasitic larvae of some violent hot dog beast laid to grow with (and eventually consume) the tame, white larvae of a more passive hot dog creature.

Here is a finished bacon cheese dog. I later smacked my associate for sullying the wiener with ketchup. As anyone should know, mustard or bacon grease are the only natural condiments put on a bacon dog.

Then I cooked up the sirloin to a nice bloody rare. It had been marinating in nothing but red wine, salt, and pepper.

Some less skilled Meatsman made some nasty looking crap.

The day ended with this fine cake that I whipped up. To recreate, simply make 1 recipe each of your favorite brownie, cheesecake, and spongecake in spring form pans. Cool, ice, and layer into one mountain of delicious love handle fuel.

Later we were full and drunk so we fed some cake to the neighborhood stray foot.

All in all it was a patriotic fourth of July. Nothing says America like meat fire and cheesecake!

Still on deck- Tater-Elk Hot Dish.

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  1. Um... this is kinda brilliant.

    Thanks for linking to your first post, and keeping the blog posted as a testament to your ten years of celebrating ridiculousness.


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