Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pork and Beans Brown Betty with Chile Chocolate Guinness Frosting

OK, now the following recipe pretty much flies in the face of my cooking philosophy. I am not a huge fan of the contrived, thousand ingredient recipes that are so popular today. I do not want to eat a pickled pumpkin stuffed with pomegranate seeds on a bed of micro greens with civet poop-coffee foam or any other food network inspired bullshit. I am kind of a minimalist, I like highlighting good ingredients with out muddying them up too much. But part of my mission with this blog is to be a little whimsical and humorous and at least try sometimes to make strange foods palatable. Plus, thinking of some thing to utilize the Spam Candy-

Spam Candy

-is not that easy. So I decided to do this tongue in cheek brown betty thing. It kind of turned into and absurd mess, a baker I was not meant to be.

Anyway here are several of the delicious victims who were sacrificed in this attempt.

The pork and beans in this recipe will be represented by the Spam candy and the Boston Baked Beans. I remember Baked Beans candy well from childhood. I used to buy it at the penny candy store that used to be on Ontario and Washington back in the day. They used to sell them in a small cardboard box, always next to the Lemonheads. The Guinness and Dagoba brand "Xoclatl" (chile/cinnamon flavored dark chocolate) will be incorporated into the frosting. By the way, Dagoba is pretty much the most awesome name for a product of all times. That is if it is a reference to the planet Dagobah on which Luke hangs out with Yoda in the Star Wars Continuum, and not the French metal band Dagoba.

I started by crushing up some of the Baked Bean candy and finely chopping some of the Spam Brittle.

This mess went into one recipe of Brown Betty. As it is my want to do, I won't belabor the point by transcribing the whole recipe for Brown Betty here, I simply googled it and used the first recipe that came up.

I poured the gloppy mess into a well greased silicon loaf pan. I wanted this to come out easily after baking so that I could shape it. By the way, once you cut into the Spam brittle your nostrils will be assaulted by the sweet porky flavor trapped beneath the candy coating.

While this went into the oven I started the frosting. First I whipped up a recipe of vanilla butter cream frosting, again any recipe will do, I used the one from my Kitchen Aid mixer's cookbook. Divide this in half. Next, heat about a third cup of Guinness over medium heat.

Drink down the baker's portion of Guinness.

Throw in the chopped up bar of "xoclatl" and stir constantly until melted.

Let this sit a little while to cool, but not harden, and then stir into one half of the frosting. Put this into the fridge until chilled and then fold into the other half of the frosting and add a dash of cinnamon. This is one thing I will take from this recipe. This frosting is absolutely delicious, I wanted to eat it with a spoon. On top of good ol' normal cupcake or whatnot it would be great.

By this time your cake should be done. Let it cool and then trim into a cube.

Ah, look at this pork studded piece of cake and tremble in fear! I tried a piece of the scraps and it actually was not bad, it had a caramel/peanut kind of thing going which did not make me vomit. I finished the cake with the frosting and studded it with some more of the Baked Beans candy.

Verdict: All in all, this was pretty good. The deliciousness of the frosting outweighed any of the funkiness of the Spam Brittle. The dry texture of the brown betty was kind of gross with the flecks of peanut and Spam, and the vague smell of pork every time you put fork to it was a little unsettling. Don't think I will be making this exact confection again, but I will definitely put the frosting into my inventory.


  1. Just so you know - Weezer's "pork & beans" is now going to be stuck in my head all day.

  2. yeah, I am not sure I could handle the spam stink...... that frosting would prob be awesome on my chocolate beercakes.

  3. Yeah...that frosting would be so awesome on k8's chocolate beercakes. Can we make this happen???

  4. I don't see why not. Lord knows we have beer.....

  5. Wow - that was quite the experiment! Thanks for stopping by to tell me about it.


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