Sunday, September 28, 2008

Troy Farmer's Market Haul

OK, so apparently I am the last one in the entire area to jump on the whole Troy Farmer's Market bus. Growing up in the Capital Region (especially in the Suburban Council, go Dutchmen) you tend to cast some dispersions on the Collar City (Troylet). But since I started working not far from Hoosick street, I have really started to give Troy some credit. River Street, and Downtown Troy in general, really have some nice character. I am a born again Trojan.

But anyways, bright and early Saturday morning me and the wife decided to go check out the Farmer's Market for the first time despite the misty weather. We got there and were pretty surprised by the amount of vendors. I was only expecting a couple vegetable stands and maybe some stalls selling locally prepared cheese spread or something else random. I definitely did not expect the variety and quantity of available goods, especially the nice local meats and quality baked goods. I grabbed the wife a fresh bagel to munch on and we preceded to wander around and buy a bunch of stuff. It was a pretty good time actually.

Here is the entire haul of meat, cheese, and veg we brought home.

We got a lot of good stuff. I met the lady who runs the elk farm who supplies Eats where I got the ground elk to make those Chelo Kebabs a while ago. It is called the Creek's Edge Elk Farm located in Fort Plain. I bought a nice pound of elk stew meat. I also got a nice hunk of Grace cheese which I have never had. I was won over by a sample and had to get some. The veg quality was high at most of the stands and I got some of the nicest looking chili peppers that I have seen in a while. Here is an itemized list of what I brought home to give you an idea of the generally economical prices to be found.

3 x bunches of spring onions= 3.00$
1 x pound of purple tatties= 2.50$
1 x bunch fresh thyme= 1.00$
1 x bunch of carrots= 2.50$
1 x pound tomatoes= 3.50$
1 x pound mixed onions= 2.75$
1 x bunch parsley= 2.00$
10 x assorted chilis= 2.00$
1 x chunk Grace cheese= 3.52$
1 x pound Elk meat= 8.95$

The following items were consumed by my lovely (and hungry), baby incubating wife and the cats so hence, not pictured.

1 x apple cutie pie= 1.50$
1 x chocolate chip cookie= 1.00$
1 x fresh bagel=1.00$
1 x small bag organic kitty treats = 1.00$

For a grand total of 36.22$ which is not bad for the large amount of stuff we got. Now I am of the opinion that many people go to the farmers market for the experience and never really use a lot of the stuff they buy. I have an awful feeling that a lot of those heirloom tomatoes that are so trendy these days are moldering in crisper drawers around the Capital Region. This is a frankly a damn shame. So, I am going to do another series of posts (I am sure you are excited) about the stuff I did with what I bought. I am going to try to use as much of the goods as humanly possible and see what kind of dishes I can come up with.


  1. for the record, we feast upon our farmers market haul.

    We just missed you the other morning.

  2. Same here. I was there before everyone!! (that like never happens)

  3. i'm glad you are warming up to the collar city. i also grew up around here, and didn't really start to dig troy until moving there early last year.

    that farmer's market is a treasure. i'm sad to report that the nectarines are done for the season.


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