Saturday, January 3, 2009

Breakfast at Grandma's on Central

It looks like I have been taking the culinary tour of Central Avenue this weekend. Me and the wife stopped in at Grandma's this morning for a little breakfast. I had heard some scuttlebutt to the affect that Grandma's has changed ownership somewhat recently. Apparently the owner of another venerable Central Ave eatery, Ralph's, has taken over operations. I am not a huge Ralph's fan, but I stop in every few months for some mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce. By the way, Ralph's has been calling their raspberry sauce "coulis" which sounds to me like they are puttin' on airs. What is next? Foie gras parmesan?

My parents used to take me to breakfast at Grandma's fairly often when I was a kid, so I thought I would give it another shot. I seem to most strongly remember the roller ball bowling video game they used to have in the entrance way, and the fact that they put onions in the home fries. The first thing I noticed when we walked in this morning was the ridiculous amount of Valentine's day decorations that were present. It was a festival of red paper hearts and crepe paper. I had to giggle at the side-by-side cameos of George Washington and Martin Luther King in the windows.

Me and my wife both ordered the Grandma's Special (2 eggs, meat, home fries, toast, choice of bev) with a Belgian waffle to split. The Belgian waffle was pretty solid, my socks were not blown off, but all in all a tasty waffle. The real whipped cream was definitely a plus.

I ordered my eggs poached and chose sausage for my meat. It was interesting that the sausage was not links as I expected, but a smushed patty of loose sausage meat. It was pretty tasty, not as heavily spiced as I like my breakfast sausage, but it was an interesting change of pace. The eggs were perfectly poached which is pretty important to my poached egg maniac self. Notice that the wife graciously donated a strip of her bacon to my breakfast as she knows that I don't consider any breakfast plate complete without a savory slice.

Me and my other half were both very pleased with the breakfast and the price. A couple hardcore Grandma's fans that I have in my family swear up and down that the quality of the food has suffered under the new ownership and have forsaken the place, but I don't share the opinion. Grandma's is still OK in my book. We purchased a chocolate cream pie for my parents on the way out and entered the parking lot with pleasantly full bellies.

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  1. Oh looks good. I've always been a sucker for breakfast food. Is it ok if I put a link from my blogger to your's?

    My blog is pretty focused on my trials of setting up my own restaurant in upstate new york. Do you have any hints or tips (or at least what kind of food you would prefer)?

  2. Sure go ahead! I love when people link me. As for my restaurant advice, I am flattered that you would value my opinion. Frankly, around here the restaurant scene is dominated by the big chains (Chilis, Fridays, etc... ad nauseum). Because of this, anytime a good independent place opens up I will give it a good couple shots. So I would say find a niche, this could be a particular cultural cuisine or pretty much anything else, and do it well at a reasonable price. People will come. I hate to say it and I won't condone it, but upstate New Yorkers tend to like massive quantities of average food but cheap (think Delmonico's) so you could probably go that route and make some money.

  3. Wow sad to hear about Grandmas's When I lived there it was always a good place to go. Interesting on the Ralph's takeover. I always liked them too. The veal and peppers there was good back when I went here.

    Nice to find an Albany food blog with some good and honest content.


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