Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joy, Joy! The Canned Cheese and Butter I Ordered Has Arrived.

Not much time for blogging today as I am cut loose from the Gulag due to my wife having labor induced a little later. I have a spare minute and I had to share with everyone the contents of the lovely package I just received on this snowy morn. I ordered 4 cans of Red Feather Brand canned cheese and 1 can of butter. I can't find a website for Red Feather, but it is a New Zealand brand and their products are widely available on the internet. I am kind of a pseudo-survival nut, so anything shelf stable piques my interest. The thought of having grilled cheese ingredients when the zombie apocalypse arrives makes me happy. Anyways, I have to think of something to make with the cheese and butter to test the quality. Any ideas?

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