Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sort of New Stewart's on 155 in Guilderland. Also, Documentation of Locally Themed Ice Cream Flavors.

It is my opinion that every Capital Region resident should be able to drive to at least three Stewart's (see here for a past post on the foibles of our own beloved Stewart's) within 15 minutes should the need for tasty snacks hit them unexpectedly. So it is big news to me when a new shop goes up. This particular one went up some months ago, but I am a busy man and did not make a visit until last night.

The new Stewart's, strangely enough, is pretty much just like every other Stewart's in the universe. However, this one has not acquired that certain patina that one might be used to from other locations (I am looking at you Hoosick Street's shop). This will come with age.

I didn't spy too many unusual or new items save this one-

Mmmm, fish fillet sandwich. I don't know if you can read it, but in the bottom corner it says "75% bigger than McDonald's!" I resisted the urge to inquire into their methods of fish sandwich measurement, that might have been too much cheek for the somewhat haggard looking young miss behind the counter. I am no expert on McDonald's fish sandwiches, in fact, don't know that I have ever had one. This one didn't look too big to me.

While I was there I decided to get some pictures of their locally themed ice cream flavors. I thought it might be fun to put together a little database of sorts, so if you know of any others I missed let me know.

First we have my favorite, "Crumbs Along the Mohawk." This is a reference to both the mighty Mohawk river as well as the novel/film "Drums Along the Mohawk."

Here is "Adirondack Bear Paw," referring to the majestic Adirondack Mountains-

"Chocolate Trifecta" gives a shout out to the Saratoga Racetrack.

The somewhat more obscure "Kaydeross Kreme," which is named for a creek and park in Saratoga County of which I could find only a picture.

I trust everyone had a pleasant weekend and best wishes for a great week. This week has special significance to me and I am planning a celebratory cookout in the near future. I am thinking about calling it the "Pork-ocalypse!" It will definitely involve a trip to Rolf's. More on this later.

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