Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brownie/Cheesecake/Cake Cake

One of my favorite deserts to bring to a BBQ or party is the Brownie/Cheesecake/Cake Cake. I came up with this concept last summer (see here for last July's Meat-stravaganza). I like to make it because it seems to wow people with how bad it probably is for them. The picture above is actually last years version, but my other photos didn't come out quite as good.

I was pretty burnt out on Friday night so I took a shortcut and used boxed mixes for the brownie and cake layers. It is a pretty simple recipe. All that you need to do is whip up the three components, bake them in spring form pans, stack, frost and enjoy. I find that placing the brownie as the base with the cheesecake next is the most structurally sound solution. Remember to pay extra attention to greasing the pans so that you don't get too much sticking. Use whatever cheesecake recipe that you normally do. Like I said, given more time, I would probably make everything from scratch. However, it comes out just as good using mixes.

Remember the kibbeh that I made yesterday with the awesome kibbeh attachment to my meat grinder (see here)? Usually they are deep fried but I decided to grill them. They came out pretty darn good if I don't say so myself.

I bought some of the ready made Tzatziki sauce that they sell at P-chops now to go on the kibbeh. People really seemed to enjoy them and I thought that they were really very good grilled.

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  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!! that's looks fucking awesome

  2. I swear, I seriously had a dream last night wherein I actually ate your cake. It was ok, but I think I'll have to try it in person one of these days to compare. I'm sure the real thing is better than dream cake.

  3. This looks delish and tempting too. I have tried this kind of recipe twice. This is pure delight and I'm sure to make them again.


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