Friday, May 8, 2009

Duck Intestinal Soft Egg... Tonight's Finds at the Asian Market

I love this Asian Market. The one on Central and Colvin near Westgate Plaza in Albany. I love the sense of chaos in the place, you are almost afraid to buy anything perishable. Then the scads of immaculately dressed grandmothers purchasing carts full of meat, vegetables, and packages of undecipherable bits and ends makes you feel better. I have been hitting this place up fairly regularly due to the endless supply of pork bellies I am so fond of experimenting with (see here for my last adventure making pork belly confit). Tonight I came across an item that even I, Mr. Dave, was not brave enough to purchase and consume (although I was intrigued and I will research). It was the ominously titled "Duck Intestinal Soft Egg."

It seems to be duck's intestines and/or reproductive organs along with eggs in various stages of development. This is probably a delicacy somewhere to someone, but this is my first encounter with the stuff. I am definitely going to look up a recipe and try to summon some courage.

I also spied some black chickens.

I have heard of this particular poultry before. Apparently, the flavor is shockingly normal. No different than regular chicken, but very visually striking. This is also going on my list of things to try. I didn't get a picture but there was some delicious looking roasted duck (head on) in cardboard boxes next to the meat case. I totally would have bought some, but I did not see any containers or bags to put it in! I am a little shy in situations like this and didn't want to bother anyone by asking how to procure some, maybe next time.

I did purchase the following lovelies-

This is a whole mess of duck wings for only around 4 bucks! Perfect for making duck confit (see here for the last time I did this). This is a great deal.

I also picked up some "All Purpose Sauce."

I thoroughly plan on testing the claim that this is an "All Purpose" sauce. Can I brush my teeth with it? Degrease my engine? We shall see.

Anyhow, got another BBQ to attend tomorrow and am planning a couple interesting and porky dishes. Stay tuned.

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  1. Heya! I noticed you picked up a bottle of Mang Tomas over there. It's a local sauce we use here in the Philippines for a lot of things, mostly of the pork and barbequed meats persuation. It's mostly known for dipping lechon in. Yknow, the whole roasted pig thing. It's mostly tangy with a little bite to it. I'm not sure how it'd fare as a marinade but it'll go good with anything friend or grilled.

  2. i think i threw up a little in my mouth. good times!

    if yr ever in Seattle check out the BIG Asian market in Chinatown. it'll knock yr socks off

  3. I love this market too. GREAT IDEA about using the duck wings from here for rendering fat.

    It's inspiring, especially since I love duck fat roasted potatoes. Maybe if I get a good report on my blood work I'll run out and get a pack or two.

  4. Sweet on the duck wings! I got them once and then Albany John tried to make something in the crock pot with them = fat city. :X

  5. The black chicken is silkie:

    I saw it once at my local Asian market before I knew what it was. Now that I know, I've been intrigued, but, I never saw it offered again.


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