Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scenes From a Pig Out. A Troy Pig Out.

Ah, a day in the shadow of the Green Island Bridge! How Glorious! Me, Mrs. Dave, Giblet, and our dynamic duo of Delmar-tion friends attended the Troy Pig Out for a wee spell on Sunday. I thought I would bring to you some pictures with minimal commentary. I am kind of a twitter version of myself lately, but perhaps that is a good blog model. Less elaborate recipe formulations and more of our life. Doesn't everyone want a window into Mr. Dave's fickle psyche?

Here is Victor the Golden Pig who greeted us at the entrance.

The Capital Q Concession, can you believe I have never before sampled their Q until now?

Capital Q's Burnt Ends sandwich (with awesome house made pickles) and a couple "wet" ribs. Needless to say I was impressed, even the wife (an arch anti-meat-ster) liked the sarnie.

Here are some St. Louis style ribs from Big Moes (with our friend munching one), really good as well. Pork Ribs done well are a beautiful thing, the meat doesn't need to be falling off the bone. These guys had some tooth to them which I really liked.

Here is some dude's butt.

A random chicken concession had this sign-

As if chicken fingers were some sort of obligatory condiment to French fries, to me this was equally as arbitrary as saying, "Mashed Potatoes! With or Without the Ham Sandwich!"

I finally got to see the Crazy Herb's Texas Barbecue truck in action. It is usually just parked at that creepy gas station on Western in Guilderland near where the old "other" P-chops used to be (I know you like the salty, long time Guilderland resident land mark references).

And Finally, the crowning glory of any self respecting Pig Out. A roasted pig. 1 dollar a sample for the people.

I will have to say, we had a good time. Troy is really coming into its own lately. I have been having nothing but good experiences over the river lately. I wait expectantly for TPOIII (Troy Pig Out Number 3).

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  1. I don't think anyone would mind if you changed things up, so long as we got to keep getting your unique view on various foods (be they mundane or exotic) which I think is why everyone is here.

  2. How the heck was I the only person to miss the big pig?

    Glad you tried Captial Q - so good! And those ladies in Big Moe's were hilarious!

  3. I'm so glad you were impressed by Capital Q. It's one of my favorite things hands down in the area. And I am still bummed that Shawn S. beat me to the first review of the joint on Yelp.

    The fact that Celina Ottaway wrote such a scathing review of the place for the Times Union kills me a little bit more every time I think about it.

    That's another 10 minutes off my life.

  4. I used to live next door to "Crazy Herb". Very good pulled pork hand delivered to my door after hearing them up all night working with their smokers etc. in the driveway.



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