Friday, August 14, 2009

First Time Aldi Visit (West Carthage, NY...I Think)

Ever been to an Aldi Market? Well I hadn't until the other day. I was traveling along Route 26 up around West Carthage when I spied a location. I have heard about Aldis before and was always a bit curious. The story on Aldi is that it is a German chain that goes to almost an extreme to keep prices low. There is minimal advertising, no decoration in the stores, no shelves in the store, pretty much only one kind of everything, you pay for your bags, etc... You even have to use a quarter to release a shopping cart (you get it back when you return it).

The inside of the store is pretty spare.

Here is another view.

All of the cost cutting measures allows Aldi to offer very, very cheap prices for a lot of stuff. Don't expect much variety or anything "gourmet" so to speak, but for the basics, you can't beat their prices with a stick. Not that I would ever eat these, but here are 24 hot dogs for a little over 3 bucks.

I was hoping to find some weird German products at Aldi, but it was all standard American fare. A little disappointing, but at least I am not curious anymore. They did have a towering display of ready made bacon.

The only thing I bought were these surreal looking appetizers called "crispy noodle shrimp."

I am thinking of cooking these as an offering to the FSM (bless his noodely appendages).

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  1. The meat case at Aldi is crap, but they usually carry five or six bacon varieties, all of which are really good.

    It's a great place to buy basics - coffee, flour, sugar, etc. - because the price is so low and the quality is generally very good, but you can do better on meats and veg at other places (almost all of their fresh meats, for example, are "enhanced" with injected saltwater.)

    Next time (if there is one!) check their "specials" aisle for the cool German stuff. They bring in small quantities, put 'em out as "special purchases" and when they're sold out you'll never see them again.

  2. Yes, Mister Dave! It depends on when you go to Aldi and, apparently, which Aldi you have in your area. The Aldi up the street from me suddenly started carrying beer and wine. You heard me. There is a pretty good eastern German beer called WERNESGRUNER that is emberassingly cheap (say, like, $6 for a 12). The wine? Well, it's good for cooking, and every once in a while they actually schlep in a case of discontinued or overaged (?!) French stuff that's actually pretty good. Keep your eye on Aldi but....yeah. Lots and lots of convenience food, primarily. I was initially repelled because my first visit involved getting stuck in a very narrow aisle behind a very wide and slow-moving family....

  3. Aldi does have a really good selection of chocolate made in Germany and Austria at amazing prices. Try there choceur and Moser Roth brands. They also get in some European cookies and cakes sometimes. Esp. around the holidays. They have German roast coffee and good tea too. Some of their cheeses are good. My son loves their string cheese and they have a good supply of Haribo candy at the best prices. Their frozen tamales are actually quite good for a convienience item too.

  4. Can I ask why on earth were you in West Carthage? I am from there and don't even stumble upon it. There is an Aldi in Rensselaer as well, which is considerably better than the Schenectady one. Tip: Next time you are up that way have a Jreck Sub.

  5. I have to go 30 or more miles for the closest Aldi. I wish there was one in Latham, New York. I am quite happy with Aldi and would recommend it to those who wish to same money on fine fresh fruits and veggies.


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