Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jar O' Sausages

I know what you are thinking, two posts from Mr. Dave? in one day? This is too good to be true! I have been out on the road for a couple weeks making the world safe for democracy so I have somewhat of a backlog of posts. The above picture is of a treasure that I brought home from my travels. That right there is a big ol' jar of "8 Real German Sausages" care of the Meica sausage making company. I saw this priced at 7.95$ at the commissary and could not resist purchasing it.

I don't think the picture does justice to the size of the sausages. Lest you get the impression that these are mere cocktail sausages for snacking, the jar is probably about 10 inches tall! The sausages are probably close to an inch in diameter. Their "Net Drained Weight" is 25.4 OZ. That is a lot of meat right there. Here is a back view.

The directions for serving state with Prussian brevity, "To eat cold, drain and serve." I don't think I have the stones to bite into one of these things cold. I think I am going to grill them up tomorrow and eat them hot dog style.

Here is a bottom view that I find vaguely obscene.

Don't know why I am getting such a kick out of giant sausages in a jar. It just strikes me as neat for some reason. My mom says I loved those little sausages for infants when I was wee, so maybe I have repressed jar-sausage joy. By the way, I keep walking by the baby sausage in the grocery store and telling young Giblet (Mr. Dave's 6 month old daughter, exemplifier of beautiousness) that soon, very soon, she will be able to gobble them at will. Mrs. Dave threatens to beat me around the head and neck if I give them to her. Alas, this is an argument for another day.

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  1. yes they do look like man parts! : )

  2. vaguely obscene?

    I don't know how "vague" it actually is.

  3. Weiners in a jar. Damn, but I love technology.


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