Friday, September 25, 2009


I happened to come into possession of a couple high quality ingredients (cheese and bacon. Surprised? neither) that were aching to be combined in some sort of simple and complementary way. After some research I found Morbiflette (apparently a cousin of Tartiflette). Morbiflette is a potato/cheese/bacon dish which sounded perfect for larding my belly against the impending cold weather.

I have posted about Eats in Stuyvesant plaza before, so you know that I often stop by there to satisfy my stinky cheese desires. The other day I stopped in and bought a beautiful wedge of Morbier cheese. Morbier is an interesting French cheese which was traditionally made with the night's milking topped off by the next morning's with the layers separated by ash.

This cheese is fairly stinky on the stinky cheese scale. I left it in my wife's car for about 15 minutes during a quick errand on the way home. When I returned I definitely checked the baby's diaper before realizing it was the delicious odor of the fromage.

I had also stopped by the Dnipro Market in Cohoes (as you know from this post), so I had some absolutely lovely bacon too.

This is a quick home style dish of the sort that I love, under five ingredients and no fancy technique. Just roughly chop the bacon and throw in a pan until it gives up a little of its grease. Through in an onion, likewise roughly chopped, and fry until golden brown.

Next step is to throw in the potatoes. These should be skinned, boiled until tender but not falling apart, and cut into rounds. Add to the pan and cook further until everything is a good, crisp mess.

Top with thick slices of the Morbier.

Run under a broiler until the cheese melts, Morbier melts very nicely.

And there you have it. A hearty dish for the fall weather. Although this may look like something of a side dish to our twisted American psyches, the Morbiflette is actually substantial enough for a main dish. Wash it down with good beer and open your belt. Then go climb a snowy Alpine peak or something. Needless to say I enjoyed this dish very much.

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  1. Yummy - I love crisp potatoes done exactly that way (boiled, mostly cooked, and then crispified). Bacon + cheese = elevated to awesomeness.

  2. I just made this dish for a Valentine's Day brunch. It was outstanding, almost shockingly good.

    I added a bit of white wine at the same time as the potatoes and cranked the flame to boil off the liquid and alcohol. That worked out wonderfully.


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