Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nun Cake, Sweet Tasty Nun Cake.

I was over in Delmar on Labor Day for a cookout with some Delmartian friends of ours. I had planned on swinging by Rolf's Pork Store for some assorted tube steaks, but wouldn't you know? They were closed. I kind of forgot it was a holiday. Not wanting to arrive all empty handed and meatless, I decided to stop in at the Delmar Marketplace. I have been there a couple of times and they usually have some good stuff.

Upon arriving I immediately noticed the above pictured sign. "Nuns of New Skete Cheesecake?" Having never heard of the Nuns of New Skete (or the Nun's of Old Skete for that matter) surely it was imperative that I sample their cake. A little research led me to the fact that the Nuns of New Skete are located up by Cambridge, NY and run quite the little cheesecake pushing operation there. I purchased a pack of 2 slices.

The cheesecake got a little smooshed by a foursey of Guinness. 5.98$ for 2 small slices seemed a little pricey, but what do I know? I generally avoid desserts so I am not to0 versed in cake prices. We decided to have the cheesecake as an hours d'oeuvre as I was extremely curious about the nun cake. Biting into it I definitely made my ick face and my wife laughed at me. Let me preface this all by saying that I am not a big cheesecake fan in the first place, but this stuff was too much for me. My friend's comment was that it was like biting into a sweet, rindless, wedge of brie. It had a dense, very soft cheese-esque texture. You kind of wanted to spread it on crackers. The Nuns of New Skete cheesecake is probably made according to some hallowed old recipe, and to die hard cheesecake fans it is probably a revelation. I kind of wanted my 6 bucks back, but I welcomed the experience to try something new.

By the way, the Delmar Marketplace has a butcher and offers a range of prepared foods that are pretty tasty in a homey sort of way (a little pricey, but Delmar is moneyed). Up until recently they carried Oscar's Smoke House products which are awesome (see here for a Scientific Bacon Butty I made using their bacon). Tragically, Oscar's suffered a devastating fire and their operations have temporarily ceased. I wish them the best.

While I was there I also picked up some wee Swedish Meatballs with a subscript that read, "by Inga!!!!!!!!!!" I feel that maybe I should have heard of Inga. Anyhow, she makes tasty looking meatballs.

They also carry a bunch of simple, prepared foods. I was hungover on another trip to the Delmar Marketplace and in need of starch, cheese, grease and meat. I bought a couple stuffed potatoes and some stuffed bread. They served their purpose well, but ordinarily would have been a little heavy for my tastes.

Anyways, stop in if you are in that neck of the woods. The place definitely has some "quaintness" factor and they carry some interesting stuff. If you are an Utz chip fan they carry the brand (even the crab flavored ones).


I just noticed that this is the 200th post that I have written. The archive has a few less due to a couple deletions for various reasons, but hooray for me anyhow. I am magnificently prolific.

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