Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kosher-Chops. Kosher Section at the Sort of New Price Choppers on Central.

I don't know how this escaped my notice, but the Price Chopper over in the plaza with Big Lots on Central Ave. (just west of 155 near K-Mart) has morphed itself into a shiny, new, "Market Center." I learned about this via some comments on the Fussy Little Blog's post about knishes. Mr. Fussy has been doing a series of posts about Jewish/Kosher Deli foods in preparation for tonight's lecture on the subject over at UAlbany (Go Danes, that is my alma matter). Apparently, this particular P-Chops has a very large Kosher section to include a butcher. If you have read my blog you know that I have a strange love of Price Chopper and all of its weirdness (click to read many of the articles I have devoted to the subject). Needless to say I had to check it out.

Walking in, I noticed that this P-chops was much more stylish and polished then my usual Guilderland location. Just look at the gleaming produce section.

Check out the Prussian order of these greens, almost too orderly.

There is even a little "cafe" type area where you can eat or drink coffee.

This Chopper offers a lot of pre-made sandwiches, hot soups, salads, and things like that so I guess this is nice. It is almost like the Golubs (owners of the chain) are trying to steal some of Wegmans' thunder. Actually, that is what this "Market Center" reminded me of, a Wegmans.

Moving on to the Kosher section, my reason for being there.

There is a tolerably large selection of Kosher/Israeli dry goods as Price Chopper is not shy to let you know.

There is a nice selection of grocery type products, but I was not hugely impressed. Nothing really exotic or exciting, mostly stuff that I have seen around. The true star of the Kosher market was the freezer section. There we find a plethora of goodies. The first thing that drew my was, sitting right next to each other, both schmaltz and chicken livers (click for Mr. Fussy's discussion of chopped livers).

Next, there were a bunch of knishes. Here are the frozen ones.

There were also some fresh ones in a cold case, they looked a little sad. I did not get one, I will buy the Knish Knosh ones from Eats when I need a knish fix. There was also some noodle kugle and a couple other things.

I purchased some of the frozen, fried, square ones. I remember eating these as a kid, but I can't really remember where my parents would get them. I mostly remember absolutely covering them in brown mustard, I have always loved mustard.

I also got some premade falafel balls.

As well as some frozen vegetarian kibbeh, discounted from 8.99 to 2.99! I love a good deal and I love me some kibbeh.

There was a small selection of kosher meats as well as cold cuts. I forgot to take a picture, sorry. All in all, a pretty good selection of kosher goods. Check it out if you are into that sort of thing.

I was pretty impressed with this new Price Chopper as a whole. There was a much bigger selection of almost everything than what is found at my usual Guilderland spot. Simple things like the fact that they sell the Hembold's 4 inchers all of the time make it an excellent shopping experience.

I think that when I need to do a major shop, I might just travel the extra couple miles to the Market Center. Although, I will have to say that that part of Colonie makes me sad somehow. It is just so ugly and drab, especially in the winter when the snow gets all dirty. It makes me depressed for some reason that I don't really understand. A ride up Central Ave. in fall or winter gives Mr. Dave the blues.

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  1. sad little home made knishes :( maybe they were sad to not be going home w/ you

  2. i live in the hometown of weggies (my parents have actually played paddle and golf with the wegman family through sheer coincidence) so that is where my food-buying loyalties lie. my favorite is of course the local one, close enough for me to walk to (btw walking down and deciding randomly to buy yourself a watermelon then, post-purchase, realizing you have to carry it up a hill of literally ski-slope proportions is a Bad Idea) but the one out in pittsford is GINORMOUS. it is like a combination of a huge grocery, deli, bakery, chocolatier, chinese/japanese/indian/italian/comfort food takeout place, coffee shop, tea bar, with restaurant and cafe attached. i have gotten lost in there.


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