Monday, October 5, 2009

More Things In Life Should Have a Butter Button (Popcorn Vending Machine)

Seen at Colonie Center. A bonafide, air popped, popcorn machine. Only a dollar. Serve yourself. Don't know why, but this made me feel warm and happy inside. It seemed to transcend the cold, plastic, capitalism of the mall with its promise of a simple and cheap treat for the family. I can only imagine my wee 'un's (8 month old Giblet's) fascination and delight at the whirring, popping, and delicious smells emanating from the machine when she is a little older. To top it all off, a butter button.

Somehow I think that butter buttons might be the answer to most of society's problems. With the promise of warm, melted butter at the press of a button maybe we can cure our nation's ills.

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  1. i'm dying! that's one of the single greatest things i've ever seen

  2. I think this button should be installed in every kitchen across America.

  3. this is indeed a thing of wonder. but is it REAL butter? i'm guessing no. i guess that would be too much to ask.

  4. I've walked by that machine dozens of times, and it never seemed all that appealing. But you said the magic words "Only a dollar."

    My assumption is that the machine is placed there for people to sneak popcorn into the movie theater. It's pretty subversive. But so is a butter button.

  5. Butter button is great, but putting it on styrofoam-like air popped popcorn is a waste.

    I'd much rather have oil-popped corn with no butter than tough flavorless corn drenched in the finest butter.

  6. I'm from Mississippi and we have butter buttons in hospital rooms. I'll miss you grandpa but at least you died happy.


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