Friday, November 13, 2009

Are You Ready For Mr. Dave to Waste Precious Minutes of Your Life Discussing Eggs?

I have been purchasing local eggs from various producers at the CooP for the past couple of weeks. I have been doing this as sort of a challenge to my palate, can I detect a difference in flavor between the various producers? and more importantly is there a significant difference between the flavor of these eggs and the factory farmed oeufs a la grocery store? I am, for the purpose of this discussion, ignoring the environmental/economical benefits of buying local and concentrating solely on flavor. The most recent purchase (pictured above) is from Mountain Winds Farm out of Byrne.

At 3.50$ for the dozen this is double, if not triple, the price of grocery store eggs. This is a price that I am more than willing to pay on philosophical grounds, as long as certain standards for poultry production are met (I won't get into that here). Ok, maybe I will get into that a little. On the whole "buying local" thing, if the chickens that shat out these eggs were farmed under deplorable conditions, fed on franken-corn and whatnot I could give a crap if they are local. I ain't buyin'. I have not researched Mountain Winds Farm, so I am uninformed. But again, for the purpose of this discussion, I am evaluating only on taste.

This is the dozen eggs. Brown and varying in tone.

Now, I am a poached egg fanatic. Give me two or three poached eggs and some limp white toast and I am a happy man. I guess that makes me seem like I am about 87, but we all have our favorites. Poaching also gives you a good feel for the quality of the egg, so this has been my control for comparison. I am kind of a free form egg poacher, I don't use any tricks or gimmicks. I just kind of plop eggs into a couple inches of simmering water.

They look a mess in the pot, but come out rather nice.

Puncturing the yolk of a properly poached egg with the point of a triangle of toasted wonder bread (I don't want to hear it bread snobs, poached eggs ache for wonder bread) is one of my undisputed favorite moments in life. You have to live for the little things.

Verdict: The yolks were a more vibrant yellow than the pale globes you see in many generic eggs and the whites were nice and firm. There was a definite fresh flavor to the Mountain Winds Farm eggs which was good. I will say that the yolks did not have that melted-butter-esque richness of some super high quality eggs that I have had in the past. But all in all, they were very solid eggs. Superior in every way to the 99 cent dozen that you would otherwise pick up at Walmarts. I would be interested in learning a little more about the farm, so if you are informed, let me know.

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  1. Of the farms that the coop carry, my favorite is Cornell Farms. They are also at the Troy farmers market. While they are not as wonderful as eggs I have had that are actually still warm from the actual chicken from whence it came, the yolks are definitely the most yolk-y of the ones locally available.

  2. That, sir, is a beautious poached egg.

    I too am a lover of the form, but I rarely make them at home. Although I do prefer them on bread that has a little more oompf.

    Little is sadder than an overcooked poached egg, or one whose yolk has slipped out of the protective grasp of its pillowy whites.


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