Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bros Tacos, Corner of Ontario and Morris

I was on the way to Capital Q today to pick up a pound of pork when I passed Bros Tacos which is located at 319 Ontario. I had heard a couple good things about the place, so I decided to give it a whirl.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the establishment was this awesome t-shirt being offered for sale.

I am totally going to buy one of these. I love the Albany skyline and classic NY plate.

Reading the menu I was glad to see that Bros has options other then Taco Bell-esque crispy tacos filled with vaguely spicy meat sludge. They are peddling more traditional offerings wrapped in a couple of soft corn tortillas. I decided to sample a couple Bros Carne "Specialty Tacos" which included carne asada, salsa roja, pico de gallo, and avocado-lime sauce. On the menu we also have fish, shrimp, chicken, bbq chicken, pork, veggie, and American tacos (ground beef and cheese). I had to get mine to go, so here they are in a takeout container.

I thought these were really very good. The tortillas were very good quality, soft and full of corn flavor. There was a generous helping of flavorful meat and the sauces were aggressively spicy. I would definitely execute another expedition to Bros as these were the best tacos that I have had around these parts lately. In addition to the tacos, I ordered the wife a chicken burrito. In size it was roughly as gargantuan as a Bombers Burrito , maybe a little smaller.

I will have to issue an edit as my wife is not home yet, so I haven't cracked the burrito open.

Aside from tacos and burritos the menu also includes quesadillas, nachos, burgers, salads, tostadas, and darn it all, tamales. You know that I am a tamale freak, but I didn't notice this on the menu until after I left. I will definitely try them out next time I go. As for prices, the two tacos and burrito cost me about 14 dollars, really not that bad. I thought the food was worth the price. Give Bros Tacos a go if you are in that neck of the woods. Definitely quality grub to be had.

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  1. tacos, tacos everywhere and I can't get a piece. i need a tex mex fix!

  2. It is definitely quality grub. My only tip, do not bother calling in your order. You will simply be greeted by someone with a vague idea that someone called earlier, then restate your entire order, then wait 20 minutes. It has happened probably three times.

  3. You know... just for comparison's sake...

    $14 is twice what you would pay for the same order in one of San Francisco's best taquerias.

    And mind you, they have to pay Bay Area rent. Which has to be significantly higher than the joint on Ontario street.

    Anyhow, I'm overdue for a visit to Bros.

  4. Mr. Dave-

    Yeah, i thought about that a little and it does seem a little pricey. The tacos are 3 bucks and after sharing the burrito with my wife, I think 7.25 was a little much. Still, the food is ok.

  5. The burrito's are definitely their weak point. Stay with the taco's and you will do well there.

  6. Consider putting this review on the ultimate site for burrito reviews:

  7. I love bros!! I always get the burritos with pork and habanero papaya salsa, with a touch or sour cream. yummy!!

  8. I'm a fan of their slightly pricy burritos. I agree the price could stand to fall a dollar or two, but they're well made and I prefer them to Bomber's (shrimp generally means auto win for me), which are priced about the same.


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