Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Hungry David

So, I think I invented a sandwich. Probably not, I am sure this has been done, there is nothing good and original left in this world. But whatever, I am owning it and have named it "The Hungry David." It consists of some pulled pork (I bought a pound at Capital Q the other day), a couple slices of Wonder Bread, and an egg. I like an egg sunny side up in a sandwich like this, I don't care if I am taking my life into my own hands. I fear no egg. Anyhow, this was absolutely delicious. If you are squeamish, go for an over easy egg, but make sure there is still some runny yolk. The tangy pork, kissed by the rich buttery-ness of the yolk was the stuff angels sing about at night on their cloud beds.

If you are wondering what those weird white pieces on top of the yolk are, they are by products of my bathing the top of the yolk with the cooking fat to get them just a little cooked without loosing any drippy goodness. You should try this.

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