Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Miss Albany Diner. I Went to Say Goodbye Today- Local Albany Movie Trivia Too!

I am not going to sit here and give an in depth discussion of the Miss Albany Diner, most of those reading probably know the place pretty well. If you live locally then you will also know that the owners have decided to sell. Because of all of this the wife and I decided to trek down there to have a meal just in case the place gets sold quick and stuff changes.

I appreciate the place for its kitsch and attitude, which is not the kind of kitsch and attitude that comes from slick, hipster, marketing bastards. It is the kind that comes from the owners and staff plodding through years of diner operation on Broadway in Albany (quite the interesting corner of the world for a diner, I can imagine the characters that have stumbled through those doors). There are the requisite stodgy quotes on the menu boards about noisy children and the dangers of demanding too frequent coffee top offs.

Tiny printouts next to the booths proclaim "Butts on benches, feet on the floor." The atmosphere gives one the impression that the cook might come out of the kitchen and punch you in the face if one makes too complicated of an order. I love it.

It is sad that the place is going to be sold. No matter how hard a new owner tries, things will inevitably change. One more bright spot is extinguished in our fair city. That is why I made the trip for today's breakfast, I wanted to capture a moment in time and to remember the Miss Albany Diner as it is now.

I overheard an interesting conversation between the owner/cook and a patron concerning all of this. The surly gent behind the portal to the kitchen said something to the effect that it is just not the same since his parents left. I can understand this. He also seemed to be in a somewhat rotten mood, he yelled at the nice waitress which was a slightly uncomfortable moment. So maybe it is a time for change in his life and I don't begrudge him this.

Me and the wife ordered a grand breakfast. Omelet with bacon for her, Rocky Mountain High for me (side of grits too).

Delicious breakfast as usual, I bemoaned the fact that I might not ever get to try the advertised fried Spam and eggs or the Ugly Eggs (eggs with anchovies). But what are you going to do? Such is life. Things fade into the past all of the time, but as I approach thirty I find myself prone to fits of nostalgia, it seems that the world is changing exponentially. What will be left of my childhood to share with my daughter when she gets a little older? Sigh.

Anyhow, enough whining, here is some local Albany movie trivia. What is the significance in film of this booth at the Miss Albany Diner.

Along with an order of toast.

Anyone know? If you get it I will find some way to reward you or sing your praises. I will reveal the answer in a couple of days in any event. Have a nice Thanksgiving all, I have to work. Still planning on doing some tradition on Friday for the family, mayhaps I shall post about it.


Well that didn't take long.

Happy Cuties of the Happy Cuties blog has correctly stated that this is where Helen Archer (Meryl Streep) sat and ordered toast in the film adaptation of Ironweed by William Kennedy. Big William Kennedy fan here, and not just because he is Albany born and raised like myself. I have another idea in mind to recreate Francis' path during the whole "sharp cheese sandwich" episode from the novel whilst actually eating a cheese sandwich. Anyways, huzzah for Happy Cuties.

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  1. ironweed! meryl sat there and ordered the toast and didn't even eat it!

    also....i had no idea they were selling, i am so upset! this is one of my "must see" things in albany when friends visit. it is THE best!

  2. they're...they're.....they're closing? : (

    awwwwww man

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