Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Return of the Nog. It is Egg Nog Season at Stewart's Again. Try the Nog Shake.

When the chilly winds of fall start to blow around these parts it fills some with expectant joy for the changing of the leaves, or maybe Thanksgiving. Not I. For me fall heralds the beginning of Nog season. We have discussed the fact that I am an egg nog fanatic in the past(see here for my controversial Aged Egg Nog Recipe). If you were reading my humble blog around this time last year you would know that as much as I love homemade nog, Stewart's Shops product is a very close second (click for my Homage to Stewart's and their nog). Well folks, the signs are out for all to see at Stewart's, the nog is back.

I was driving down New Scotland road the other day in Slingerlands and noticed a hand painted sign on the door of the Stewart's over there proclaiming "Egg Nog Milkshake." Oh sweet Bessy, where do I sign up! I had to stop and give this a whirl.

Oh yeah, that is good stuff right there. Sickly sweet and noggy, just how I liked it. You can't go wrong with Stewart's nog blended together with some good ol' Philly Vanilla of the same pedigree. By the way friends, did you know that Philly Vanilla is the "#1 best in the world?"

Apparently, Stewart's Vanilla took the prize at some world dairy expo. out in Wisconsin. That entitles them to some serious bragging rights which I am sure they will not be shy about. They certainly won't let us forget how tasty their milk is.

Anyway, hooray for nog.


  1. Does Stewarts use HFCS in their nog?

  2. I would almost guarantee that they do, I am not sure though. Don't look for anything good for you in the stuff, I think one of the little, "refresher" bottles is almost a 1000 calories.

  3. Egg nog is such a sore subject for me.

    I love the flavor of the drink, but what they sell in stores is so over-processed and chock full of stabilizers and gums it drives me crazy.

    The stuff should be expensive because it's made with high quality fatty ingredients. It should not be expensive because those ingredients have been simulated with modern technology to increase the manufacturers profit margin.


    The stuff in stores just leaves my mouth feeling all pasty. But every year at this season I get a hankering for it.

    Internal conflict is never good for the soul.

  4. mr. dave-

    I make my own, both wit' booze and with out. I don't know why but I have always had a strange fascination with certain highly processed products, egg nog is one of them.

  5. Dammit. Couldn't shake the desire for a shake since I read this. Now I am at Stewart's with a shake of my own. Damn and blast!


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