Tuesday, December 8, 2009

99 Cent Snack of The Day: Stewart's Deli Dog

I started my quest for local snacks that cost under 1.00$ a couple weeks ago with the lovely steamed pork buns at the Asian Supermarket. Today we have the Stewart's Deli Dog. Technically, one of these bad boys is outside of my pricing parameters, costing 1.19$. But when you buy two, the price of each drops to an acceptable .99 1/2 cents.

Unless you are over by Gus's, or near a Hot Dog Charlie's, your options for a quick, cheap, ready made, dirty water dog are somewhat limited in this neck of the woods. Of course you have Mobil's, Hess's, etc..., but I am loathe to eat any cooked meat from these chains. I don't know why I have this aversion as Stewart's is not exactly a Michelin starred establishment, but I am more comfortable eating there.

I go for the traditional deli dog (as opposed to Cajun or Kielbasa), with a generous amount of meat sauce as per our local hot dog tradition.

Then I wait for the impending intestinal distress, as it is surely coming. It is all worth it though, I think. Hot Dogs with meat sauce are one of those foods that I crave on about a 4 month schedule, it is some sort of strange, internal, hot dog biological clock.

By the way, Gus's and Hot Dog Charlie's both have slight variations on this theme for well under a dollar. So they go on the list as well.


  1. No picture of the actual hot dog?

  2. Loathe= to detest or hate. Verb.

    Loath= reluctant or unwilling. Adjective. Rhymes with "both."

  3. I too got nailed on the Loathe vs. Loath.

    But I was writing in because you reminded me of an experience that was locked in the back of my memory banks.

    In college I had a stash of coupons for 2 for $1 hot dogs at Wawa (the Philadelphia version of Stewart's).

    And I would get those with free chili, raw onions and ketchup.

    As a poor student, these certainly gave me more protein than my other Wawa meal - the potato salad sandwich (also $1).

    It's amazing I didn't get rickets or scurvy.

  4. If you're doing the local hot dog joints please don't forget Famous Lunch in Troy.


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