Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Home. New P-Chops.

If you are wondering why my post-pace is somewhat slow lately, it is because the Dave family has made a move. No worries, we haven't gone far. We are still ensconced in the warm clutches of the exurbs of fair Albany. I am somewhat sad at the move, I have spent most of my life in Guilderland. I will miss many places, faces, and small familiarities. But as is the tragedy of the modern world, the community I live in now is nearly a carbon copy of G-town dropped on a vaguely different landscape. We have all of the same regional chains and markets. But you can be sure that I will be looking to uncover any small pockets of character in my new town.

If you know me at all then you will probably predict that one of the first things I did was to locate the closest Price Chopper. My new go-to location will be the one over by Bellini's in Slingerlands. This is one of those high-fallutin' "Market Centers" like the Kosher Chops. Of course, I found some interesting things for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently, the Market Center Price Choppers feature a passable selection of international products. We have a good, but small, selection of British foods to include Branston Pickle, which made me happy as I am making pork pies for Christmas this year (Branston Pickle is a traditional condiment). Also, there was a smattering of Polish pickled items that you don't see too much of (sauerkraut with carrots, etc...)

In the prepared food cold case I spied some Lebanese offerings. I am a huge Lebanese food fan from way back (I am sad that Phoenicians is quite the trip for me now). OK, off topic here, but if you are downtown by the CooP try the Moujadara wrap care of Al Baraki. Its a bit pricey at over 6 bucks, but it is absolutely delicious.

OK, back on topic, the Slingerlands Chops had something called "Lebanese Meat Pies."

I take it that these are a slight variation on the traditional Sfiha. I had to buy, and at only 1.00 each these were a bargain. They are 4.00 for two over at Phoenicians. I got both meat and spinach filled.

These were pretty good. The fillings were delicious, the meat ones were nicely spiced with the typical Lebanese cinnamon/allspice/pepper flavors. The spinach filled had nice onion and tart lemon flavor. The dough was a little weird, I think it was standard P-chops pizza dough. All in all, not a bad snack. For dessert, baklava.

The Baklava was decent and cheap as well. This stuff was definitely flavored with syrup (simple or mayhaps even corn) as opposed to the honey that I prefer. However, there was a generous nut layer.

This particular Price Chopper has a "Natural Food" corner in the back. You know what I mean, the part of the market with the brown flooring and 7.00 cans of tomatoes. Suburban hausfraus are very susceptible to spending their husbands six figure salaries on the sorts of products to be found there, so I can't blame the Golubs for the pretension. The item that I found that made me laugh and shudder at the same time is "Glutenfreeda's Real Cookies."

Just look at those faces! These are the faces I expect to see feasting on brains during the coming Zombie Apocalypse (2012? you can kick me in the grapes for that reference if you ever find me). Plus, the zany names for the cookies make me want to puke. "Peanut, Paul, and Mary," "Chocolate Minty Python?" Come on guys, really? I saved the best for last, the one with the cheeky innuendo.

"Peanut Envy." That is right folks, peanut envy. The open mouthed vixen gives the impression that she might be waiting for something more than a gluten free peanut butter cookie, no? Ahem, ahem. Perhaps Mr. Dave should get his mind out of the gutter.

Anyhow, surely more to follow on my new environs. I already have a backlog of photos and many projects in the works for the holidays. We will see how my aged egg nog turns out, sample the pork pies that I am making, as well as imbibe the special, triple fermented, spelt/honey/molasses spiced X-Mas brew that I whipped up. I hope the edges of your chairs don't break from sitting on them.


  1. Wow. I am gluten-free, but there is no way I will be purchasing those scary things.

  2. I like the idea of baking a pre made gluten free dough. A lot of the packaged cookies are pretty bad. I've been trying different ones ground up with some melted butter in an attempt to make a decent cheesecake crust (everything else in a cheesecake is gluten free).

    Unless I am mistaken, you are not too far from Indian Ladder Orchard. It has been years since I have been out that way in the winter, but they used to have some decent produce year round.

  3. once again, boyfriend and i got a big chuckle out of yr zombie reference :D can't wait for yr egg nog post :D

  4. Isn't that the PChops with Ben and Bill's Deli?

  5. I cook gluten free since my 2 year old was diagnosed with celiac disease last fall. Those cookies are some of the most reasonably priced GF cookies and they actually taste good. For other folks who also have to be gluten free, this Price Chopper recently started carrying French Meadow Bakery gluten free cake slices, cupcakes and brownies over in the bakery section. It's a nice option if you didn't have a chance to order ahead from Bake Me A Cake at Four Corners.


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