Monday, December 28, 2009

Nun Fail, Part Deux.

If you remember my post "Nun Cake, Sweet Tasty Nun Cake," then you will remember how I discovered that there is no love in Mr. Dave's heart for the eponymous cheesecake of New Skete. As much as I hate to bag on the cake making skills of the, undoubtedly lovely, nuns of New Skete. I found the stuff to be kind of funky. Clicky the linky if you are interested in a deeper review of the plain, stock cheesecake.

I make no secret of my maniacal nog-lust. I am an eggnog maniac from way back. I make nog, I drink nog, I love nog. So when I saw eggnog flavored Nuns of New Skete cheese cake at the Delmar Market, it was as if the nuns were telling me, "Gird your loins Mr. Dave. Can you handle eggnog cheesecake? Can you live at that speed?" Well, consider these loins girded yon nuns! I purchased your pricey nog-cake, I ate your pricey nog-cake and blechh. Nog fail, cheesecake fail, nun fail. Now I like nutmeg, but there be enough nutmeg flavor in here to make me vomitous. I am convinced that, knowing of nutmegs psychoactive/hallucinogenic properties , the nuns were intent on making me trip balls. There was a definite nog-i-ness to the slice, but inexplicably, this wasn't pleasant.

Anyhow, someone needs to bake me a worthy nog-cake. I demand it. Curses on you nuns for wetting my unholy appetite for nog (I am joking, bless all of your nunnish little hearts).


  1. You know, I was wondering what I should do with some eggnog I've got sitting in my fridge... Hmm, maybe a little Mr. Dave inspired baking will be underway.

  2. I grew up a few miles from New Skete. I didn't try their cheesecake until I was well into my teens, and my family still thinks I'm a freak for saying that I think Cheesecake Factory is better. I've tried at least 4 kinds of New Skete, and I agree 100% with the statement that it tastes funky.

  3. I do not know, but I imagine that Cheesecake Machismo may have the medicine you require.

  4. This is the best egg nog cheese cake recipe I've tried and I have tried a few. I would recommend greasing your pan with some spray, the crust for us stuck like something fierce.


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