Friday, January 8, 2010

Ben and Bill's Deli at the Slingerlands Chops

So me and the family were down by the Slingerlands-Chops today. That location has a Ben and Bill's Deli (deli case pictured above). We ambled by the counter to get a little salami and cheesecake and the deli gentlemen spied young Lady Giblet (the darling daughter). The friendly gents inquired as to whether the young lady might like a snack and graciously offered her a slice of seedless rye. She accepted with a huzzah!

Giblet happily munched away for the rest of the shopping excursion. Now that is customer service. By the by, Ben and Bill's has some very good Kosher Deli type products, knishes, kugels, fresh pickles, white fish, sandwiches, etc... Don't be afraid to check it out, it is way beyond your standard grocery store sandwich counter.


  1. Did you ever see the review of this place in the Times-Union? It was the worst piece of drivel I have ever read.

    Nice of them to offer Giblet a slice of bread, but when I brought little miss fussy to Rolf's, they offered her a slice of meat.

    I think you will agree:
    Meat > Bread

    Still, I'm glad to see that your little one has good taste. A happily munching kid on a shopping trip is a beautiful thing.

  2. Mrs. Dave has shot down most meat offerings made to Giblet, she is a little over protective and fears "wisteria?!?", I don't know what she is talking about half the time...

  3. Actually Mr. Dave,

    What she fears is likely listeria, a dangerous bacteria that can be found in cold cuts. Sounds like a smart lady you have yourself there.

  4. Off topic: Giblet is absolutely adorable.


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