Friday, January 8, 2010

Cheap Snacks: Rolf's Frikadellen and Leberkäse

I did a couple posts about locally available snacks that cost less than a dollar. But perhaps this is a bit low of a price range, I have been having a little difficulty finding items that fit this category. So I decided to broaden the scope of my search a little to include what I would deem "cheap" snacks. I almost immediately stumbled on a couple good candidates at Albany's own beloved pork store, Rolf's (read my homage here).

I have been noticing, whilst on my regular jaunt to Ralph's for some of their excellent bacon, the little hot-box above the cold case right when you walk in. A couple aromatic meaty delights are encased within and today I decided to sample them. First we have the above pictured frikadellen for 1.50$ each. Frikadellen are a sort of flat, German/Scandanavian meatball made of pork, beef, maybe some onions, and other seasonings. Upon getting my prize home, I took a hearty bite.

These were tender with a good meaty/onion-y flavor and a crispy browned crust. I decided to eat the little guy on one of the pretzel rolls that Rolph's also sells (2 for 3.00$).

I made a sort of frikadellen-wich with a little good mustard and that was that.

Next to the frikadellen loomed some glistening and ominous pink loaves of meat. I was a little ashamed of my lack of meat knowledge and had to ask what they were. Leberkäse was the answer from the always helpful counter person. She told me that it was like a loaf of warm bologna. As you remember, I became a bologna-phage for the first time the other day (Mr. Dave is No Longer a Bologna Virgin). I wasn't too impressed by Oscar Meyer bologna, I figured Rolph's would be exponentially better. Not wanting to over order in case I didn't like the stuff, I asked for a 1 inch slice. It cost slightly over 2 dollars.

I consumed this in the same manner as the frikadellen, i.e. on one of the pretzel rolls with a little mustard. I get the stuff in the toothpaste tube (Thomy brand), it is pretty good. The scharfer senf has a little more bite, but sometimes you want a mellow mustard that won't overpower your meat.

I enjoyed the leberkase, it had the same hot dog-esque flavor as the last bologna I tried, but with a much more pleasant texture and a more savory (less sweet) taste. The lady at Rolf's mentioned that the stuff is often fried like pork roll and eaten on a fried egg sandwich, this sounds very tasty to me.

I have yet to be disappointed by something purchased from Rolph's, and this occasion was no exception. I will probably buy both of these products again. I recommend that you give both meaty treats a whirl.


  1. dude! i have to get over there, Rolf's is right near my new office :D

  2. You can get leberkase on a brunch plate at Wolffs as well. It was a touch too much like a giant hunk of bologna for my taste though.


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