Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dave Gets Some Sliders in Him (White Castle!)

I was in Long Island the other week, driving among the desert of power lines and strip malls when I spotted an oasis in the distance. White Castle (cue angels singing). White Castle sliders are a subject we have discussed before, remember the White Castle and Bacon Breakfast bake I concocted? That post got picked up by the venerable This is Why You're Fat site and eventually led to the concept being included in their book. Needless to say, I was excited at the prospect of some fresh sliders.

My anticipation led me to extensively photograph the whole experience. Here I approach the drive through window.

This location also has a walk up window which is kind of neat.

It seems that White Castle is trying to branch out lately. It is my opinion that they should stick with traditional sliders and fries as opposed to all the other crap that they are pushing now. I don't like the whole turn everything into "sliders" phenomenon. Here we have fish sliders!

Also pulled pork sliders, "Get your oink on!"

I stick with what I know, I got the number 4 with cheese. That is to say, 20 sliders and 4 orders of fries. Piggish? Maybe, but I intended on saving a bunch for home. Here is my prize.

I wish every fast food restaurant would get on the crinkle cut fry bandwagon, it really is a superior fry shape. Look at these beautiful golden bastards and tell me you don't want to eat about a pound!

Now we have what I was really waiting for. A moist, onion-y pillow of heaven, fresh out of the bag. A honest to goodness, not frozen (as I usually have to get them), slider (with cheese, screw the traditionalists).

Here it is un-bunned to reveal the delightful insides.

We really need a White Castle. But maybe familiarity breeds contempt and I wouldn't crave them so much if we had a local spot. Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed stuffing my face with these. Giblet devoured fries and even Mrs. Dave got in on some sliders. We stopped at her parents house and made them eat some too, they looked at me like I was crazy, but I feel ordained by the oily gods of fast food to spread the White Castle gospel.

By the way, remember those lame BK "Burger Shots" I reviewed? I bet they still suck.


  1. Back in my day you didn't get fish sliders from White Castle, you got their "Deep Sea with cheese."

    The speculation was that there wasn't enough fish in 'em to actually call them fish.

    And what the hell is up with the plastic bag? Ordering by the sack becomes a lot less satisfying when those little packets of greasy oniony meaty pillows are unceremoniously stacked in a shapeless petroleum based bag.

    There was a perfect symmetry of the rectangular bottom of the bag, with the stacks of rectangular boxes.

    Can I get a harumpf?

  2. personally I would like to see cottage fries or steak fries served at burger joints. w/ the cheese/gravy sauces of course. or poutin!

    but man, those bastard fries look crispy and hot!

  3. Great post Mr. Dave. I wish more people around the globe would do the same.. Photo-document fast food meals. I find it fascinating. :)

  4. How did I miss this post before?! My White Castle-dar must be off. Poo!

    I'm not a big fan of WC fries, but OH SO JEALOUS OF THOSE SLIDERS!


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