Monday, March 15, 2010

Shamrock Shake. F'in A' !

You have all known me long enough to realize that I have a strange fascination with novelty fast food items. Most recently I sampled the new Burger King Cupcake Milkshake. Today I remembered an old friend, the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's. I have been getting exactly one of these a year since childhood.

McDonald's has a way of making you lust for certain items, i.e. making them available once a year or less. Don't get me started on my unholy lust and hunger for the McRib (all praise be to its succulent sweetness, may it walk amongst man once more). Come late February I start getting the craving for minty green milky goodness. Today I had my prize. The shake comes in a normal shake cup, no more Uncle O'Grimacey of olden times. Open the top and gaze upon its green glow.

These always reminded me of melted creme de menthe parfaits. Maybe on St. Patrick's day this year I will buy one and spike it with a bunch of booze. This reminds me of the end of the ol' "Girl Drink Drunk" sketch from Kids in the Hall (click for video). Anyways, I recommend everyone imbibe at least one (small, we must watch our figures) Shamrock Shake this St. Paddy's season for tradition's sake and to ensure that they return next year. SlĂ inte.

1 comment:

  1. SQUEE to the nth degree! "Girl Drink Drunk" and Uncle O'Grimacey in the same post!!! I used to have a plastic ring of O'Grimacey. sweet minty memories :D


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