Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Beer Boot at Wolff's

Although the main celebration of the end of my glorious 20s took place in Saratoga last weekend, I celebrated my actual B-day (inconveniently placed during the week this year) the other night at Wolff's Biergarten. Wolff's has a much publicized "free giant boot of beer on your birthday" promotion. You give the friendly bar keep your licence and 40 dollars as beer boot ransom (they give both back upon safe return of boot) and they give you the above pictured chalice of golden liquid. Than you slam down that bad boy like a man!

To accompany my boot I had an order of currywurst.

The quality of the wurst at Wolff's is impeccable, the poached links melt in your mouth. Last time I had this dish, the curry sauce was a bit thinner and had a little more of curry punch. This time it was heavier on the tomato, but was still very good. I am big on currywurst and I wish it would catch on in the States.

Anyways, I really like Wolff's on a weeknight. You can actually move and easily order and consume your food. It just gets too packed on weekends for me, maybe that is my new "old man" status talking.



  1. Those glasses make me think of Beerfest. Das BOOT!

  2. Welcome to the Old Man club. I'm with you on Wolff's. I say go when it is empty. Early weekday lunches are delightful, say around 11:30.

  3. Oh woe betide the weekend birthday person. Good lord I love their food something fierce.


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