Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coccadotts: Making Yoda Cakes Possible Since 2007

In case you have forgotten how awesome I am, the above pictured Yoda cake was conceived by me and executed by Coccadotts Cake Shop several months ago for my darling daughter's (young Giblet) 1st B-day. When I carved it I made sure that both Giblet's slice and my own had extra Yoda on it.

Now, since Giblet is probably one of the most beloved, made much of babies in the history of babies, she had two B-day parties. This is the second, somewhat more baby appropriate, cake that my wife ordered from Coccadotts. Red velvet this time. Sweet, Succulent, red velvet. Coccadotts really shined with this one, I don't think I will ever get another cake from them that isn't red velvet.

Do you see that little cake up top? The cute little bastard with the "1" on it? That is Giblet's "smash" cake. I was not familiar with the "smash" cake concept until Coccadotts introduced it to me. The wee'un gets a little cake to mush up and devour all on their own. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen watching my beautiful minion tuck into that thing, I don't think it is often that you get to watch pure happiness. I instantly demanded that I be provided with my own smash cake at all further birthday celebrations. Only my smash cake will be bigger than anyone else's cake.

Anyhow, I have been very happy with what Coccadotts has provided me on several occasions. I find their prices to be fairly reasonable as well. With all the Food Network inspired fancy cake mania going on, they could very well gouge their prices more than they do. Coccadotts produces all sorts of pretty cupcakes too, if that is your bag.



    You know, it's good parenting that gets their kid two cakes for their birthday, just sayin'.

    Also, may I suggest a meat smash cake for you, oh lover of food oddities?

  2. What a great idea! I love the little smash cake!


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