Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jim's Tastee Freeze, Deleware Ave.

A startling thought occurred to me and the wife tonight. Young Giblet (my loving, tiny, and beautiful female minion) has never yet in her brief life had an ice cream cone of her very own! We decided to remedy this post haste by making a trip to Jim's Tastee Freeze in Bethlehem (just south of the Normanskill on Deleware Ave.).

The Gibble-meister had a junior twist with rainbow jimmies. She ate all the jimmies off and then ran around like a maniac in the parking lot wielding her cone like a shillelagh and trying to kneecap her mother and I with it.

I had the "famous Boston milkshake." It was pretty good, basically a chocolate milkshake with a generous plop of vanilla soft serve in it.

Like mother, like daughter. The lovely wife had a twist with rainbow jimmies as well. God bless her heart, she barely got 6 licks off the thing, what with chasin' around the wee munchkin.

A thoroughly pleasant early evening activity. Just a little chill to the air yet. I noticed that the Tastee Freeze advertises chili dogs, I will definitely have to go back and try one of those. I was too stuffed from all the almond butter/honey sandwiches that I was eating all day.



  1. a chocolate and vanilla milkshake? hmmm...

  2. try the dogs...the missus and I go there more for them than the cream

  3. I love it there. I reward myself with icecream when I'm done with my laundry. :)

    Also, I can second Alan's suggestion of having a hot dog there. Quite tasty!


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