Friday, April 16, 2010

Johnny B's Glenmont Diner. The Canadian Bacon...It's Full of Stars.

The wife and I were out and about today and we decided to try out Johnny B's Glenmont Diner. I have a thing for prefab diners (we are blessed with several locally) and my wife was hungry for eggs so it seemed like a good idea. I wasn't expecting anything other than the standard egg breakfast, but I was pleasantly surprised by one particular menu item.

Johhny B's is a passable example of the metal prefab diner, not the best I've seen, but cool none the less.

The inside is plastered with "50s" type paraphernalia (James Dean pictures and crap like that) which I could do with out. The prevailing color is a soothing shade of turquoise.

Naturally, there were the obligatory diner place mats.

I ordered my standard 2 poached egg/wheat toast diner breakfast. Interestingly, I saw Canadian bacon as a meat option. This choice is not too horribly common on diner menus, so I decided to give it a whirl. The wife had an omelet.

Now the whole breakfast looked pretty good. The eggs were adequately poached and the wheat toast appeared to be of quality. But let us zero in on that pork right there.

Those are some big, thick slices of whole cured loin. No extruded, formed crap at Johnny B's. The cure was not anything out of the ordinary, but I still almost asked where they are getting the product as I don't think it is factory stuff. I could be wrong, the Canadian bacon could just be very high quality factory stuff. It was heads and shoulders above your standard version of this particular treatment of salty pig. I would go back again just for this.

A note on the title of the post. I am thoroughly annoying the wife lately by saying, "Oh my god... It's full of stars!" every time I find something even slightly good. I find this affectation to be hilarious, her not so much.


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