Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stewart's Deli Dog Season

Ahhh... Nice weather! What is it about nice weather that makes me crave hot dogs? After all of the thought and discussion I have been devoting to Capital Region Hot Dog Chili Sauce, I decided to listen to the gas pump and indulge in a couple Deli Dogs from Stewart's.

Sauce your dog? Free meat sauce and fixin's? Don't mind if I do.

I deviated a little from my strict, standard, 2 deli dog regimen and got 1 deli dog/1 cajun. Just out of curiosity.

Do you know of any processes that add to the overall deliciousness of a food without any logical reason? I find that taking the steamed bun out of the case, putting the dog down, mustard then chili on top, placing the dogs back in the foil, and then driving them home makes them taste better. I think the chili and the mustard meld a little and the bun gets all soft and sodden. Maybe this is just me.

I wasn't really impressed with the "cajun" dog. It had a bright red color and a vinegar punch that made me think of those gas station "Tijuana Mama" pickled sausages. Blech. Give me the standard deli dog any day. I find the Stewart's chili to be decent. It is no Hot Dog Charlie's, but it is adequate. Stewart's should package it and sell it. As far as I know you can only ever get it out of the little cauldron at the shops themselves.

Anyhow, I am pleasantly full of hot dog on this fine evening.



  1. I grew up in southern Connecticut, so meat sauce wasn't part of my upbringing. One thing that was very common at hot dog stands was putting chopped bacon under the dogs. A good dog on a toasted bun with chopped bacon, mustard, relish and kraut is heaven.

  2. Being inexperienced in the ways of the capital region dog, I was expecting that gas pump to spew the meat sauce. I may have been wrong in a factual sense, but I think it's a good idea.

  3. I think the melding of flavors is an important flavor profile. The bun gets a little softer. The condiments blend a little more. I'm also very pleased with the amount of meat sauce you slathered over your dogs.

    Jon - BACON? Woah, that just.. man... my mind is blown. Bacon. Dude.

  4. I don't know that even if Stewarts were to sell them that they'd be the same as they are coming out of their cooker. :(

    Now, I'm craving a hot-dog...lucky for us there are Stewarts EVERYWHERE!

  5. hee! caulderon full of hot dog sauce!!!! i'm now rethinking my position of having The Stockade Inn cater my wedding. Think about it, hot dogs and make yr own sundae bar!!!

  6. I used to work at Stewart's... You can always ask the Manager if you can buy a container of the meat sauce, it's another product that Stewart's actually makes... It comes frozen from the plant in a quart like container (slightly thinner though)... Some managers will order an extra if a customer wants it... Although it's been a few years since I've worked there, things may have changed...


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