Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can You Pass By a Hunk of Smoked Pork Loin From Oscar's Without Buying? I Can't.

You will remember that Oscar's Smoke House recently became operational again after a tragic fire brought their practice of the meaty arts to a halt.

I was excited enough at the thought of once more being able to purchase their bacon and sausages over at the Delmar Marketplace . I don't know what kind of deal the Marketplace has with Oscar's, but it seems that their selection of product is pretty random at times. Sometimes they will have bacon, sometimes sausage, sometimes both. I was nearly thrown into a meat frenzy when I spied the triumphant porky bastard pictured above. That right there is a big ol' hunk of unsliced, smoked boneless pork loin. In my future are lovely thick slices, sautéed to a golden brown with poached eggs. Maybe a couple sandwiches with some good cheddar. The odd left over bits and ends will go into some form of pottage, be it split pea or beans.

I don't know why a smoky little piece of pig gets me so excited, but it does. I like being able to slice me own meat to whatever thickness suits my particular fancy at the time. I think the whole pre-sliced mania (cheese, meat, bread, etc...) is crappy, you sacrifice freshness when you increase the surface area of your food.

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  1. agreed. all the preservatives and crap they inject to compensate for the "convenience" (do you not have a knife??) of preslicing makes the food taste like blech. bread i am looking at you.


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