Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Delmar Market Now Has a Beer Aisle

The Delmar Marketplace has cleared out an aisle of overpriced dry goods and replaced it with an aisle of decent beer! I am thoroughly satisfied with this. I don't think that the Delmar Marketplace can compete with Walmart, Price Chopper, and Hannaford in terms of pricing on everyday goods (kind of a shame that the world has come to this). So I think they are (smartly) trying to appeal to the affluent tastes of the local populace with good beer and specialty products. I think this is probably wise and I would love to see the market offering even more local specialties. I pretty much go there just to get stuff from Oscar's and to find these little cookies that my wife loves, I can't remember the brand right now.

Anyhow, there is a decent selection of oat soda with a nice smattering of New York brands. They have all the Ommegangs (even though they are Belgian owned now), Saranac, Ithaca Brewing, Brooklyn, etc... I got a bottle of Sammy Smith IPA, which I love (I didn't see any Utica Club though).

Check it out if you are in the Delmar 'hood. I would say the prices are slightly (not much though) higher than at a distributor, but I don't mind forking the dough over at an independent business.


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  1. I rarely venture to the 'burbs but wandered out to Delmar Market after your Oscar's post (I needed me some bacon) and a tip that I could find Holy Cheesecake (mmmm) there. I was pleased to find all sorts of fun stuff (including beer!) I may actually cross the Normanskill a bit more often.


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