Thursday, May 6, 2010

Low Bridge, Everybody Down

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Here we have a fact about New York that kind of blew my mind. I was learnt' this by the History Channel's "Story of Us" the other night (if you haven't already, watch it. Sundays). Did you know that 80% of Upstate New Yorkers live within 20 miles of the Eerie Canal? That is our history right there folks.

Low Bridge
By Thomas S. Allen

I've got an old mule and her name is Sal
Fifteen years on the Erie Canal
She's a good old worker and a good old pal
Fifteen years on the Erie Canal
We've hauled some barges in our day
Filled with lumber, coal, and hay
And every inch of the way we know
From Albany to Buffalo


Low bridge, everybody down
Low bridge for we're coming to a town
And you'll always know your neighbor
And you'll always know your pal
If you've ever navigated on the Erie Canal

Here we have a version by Susan Vega.

Springsteen has a good version too, couldn't find a video.


  1. Just stumbled on the site thanks to This is Why You're Fat. I just wanted to comment on the cheese curds- as much as you like them from a supermarket, if you ever get the chance to buy fresh ones from a dairy, they're about 50 times better. I'm not sure if you can in upstate NY, but if you're ever in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area, they're worth hunting down.

  2. A few weeks ago, I was on a job site along side the canal. The song has been in my head ever since...


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