Saturday, November 27, 2010

Release Your Meats Fromt Their Bready Tombs! Enjoy the Open Face

Let us talk quickly about the open faced sandwich, and I am not talking about your local diner's hot roast beef with gravy. I am talking along the lines of the Scandinavian Smørrebrød, i.e. a small amount of topping (meat, eggs, fish, etc...) on a single, that's right, single slice of bread.

I don't know what it is, but I find that certain meats just taste better when delivered to your gullet in this manner. I think it is a matter of the increased surface area of the meat, making it more accessible to your palate during the whole mastication process. I find that Bauernschinken from Rolf's Pork Store is especially enjoyable in open face form. Bauernschinken is a form of German ham that, for reference, is something like a smokey prosciutto. Rolf's makes a very, very worthy version of this particular schinken.

A couple paper thin slices of meat and a piece of sturdy bread are all that is needed.

I have said it before on this blog, but I will say it again. I am no fan of the very American trend towards veritable meat piles on sandwiches a la Carnegie Deli or assorted others. If it you are enjoying a good quality cold cut, whatever it may be, a scant couple slices a sandwich should make. I had some sort of "Caprese" sub not too long ago from Cardona's on Deleware. It must have had 3/4" of straight prosciutto on it. In my opinion this is not very appetizing, prosciutto should be used sparingly. I find that no more than two slices of the Bauernschinken will do nicely for about a 1/2" slice of bread.

Now don't be afraid, throw that thumb right on top of the meat to hold it in place. A little meat grease never hurt anyone's thumb. I think you will find the flavor of the meat much more detectable than had you entombed it with another slice of bread. Seems simple, but often with food the simplest answers work. Meat sandwich - 1 slice bread = More delicious (for unknown and probably very scientific reasons).

Anyhow, go try some of the in-house made cold cuts at Rolf's, they are really very good. Here is their website-

Rolf's Pork Store

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