Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mr. Dave on Art: Star Trek Erotica found at Art on Lark

As much as I love blogging about food, sometimes something comes along that I just feel the need to share. As I am way too lazy to start a separate "general interest" type blog, I am thinking of making these posts a semi regular occurrence (you will remember the Mr. Dave on Style post of the other week).

Anyhow, I was at Art on Lark (an annual summertime art festival in Albany, NY for you non-locals) a while back and found the above and below works of art. I had forgotten about these treasures for months and only just stumbled upon them while cleaning a closet.

If you are asking yourself the question, "Is that homoerotic Cpt. Kirk and Mr. Spock fan art?," then you would be very, very right. Needless to say, the phaser in the first picture was added by me to keep the ol' blog family friendly. This is vintage stuff too, the first example is signed "Pat, '85," the second is dated '90. Who knows how many more masterpieces were created during this 5 year span. I would definitely be interested in some Uhura stuff...

Anyways, just another example of the strange and wonderful nature of the occurrences to be had in our fair and humble city. Doesn't it just make you smile how lovingly Spock is looking at Kirk while stroking his hair?


  1. I remember this! I'm still glad I managed to score the last one: Kirk and Spock in a tender hug-from-behind (Pat, 80s). It was supposed to go to my Trek-loving friend but I've had a hard time letting go. BTW: The provenance tale I heard is that Tommy Watkins rescued these from a dumpster.


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