Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Double Brown Sandwich. Mr. Dave's Unoriginal Homage to the Obvious.

After imbibing 2 or 3 adult beverages over the course of my Saturday evening, I woke up with an especial jones for greasy food. I am by no means a regular McDonald's consumer (you can read about my first Big Mac here) and it struck me that I haven't actually sat down in one of the joints since childhood. I decided that it was time to reconnect to the golden arches. I get strange masochistic urges to punish my gut on Sunday morns, don't ask me why. Today one of my little ideas struck me while I was ordering.

What do you call the bastard child of 2 hash browns and 1 egg McMuffin? I call it the "Double Brown." This may not be the first go of this concept, if you are the true inventor, come forward.

The whole KFC Double Down thing went down during one of my myriad blogger hiatuses, so I spared you all my own brand of commentary. I am sure the plethora of imitations/discussions/bad jokes that hit the internets was enough for you. So this is my delayed contribution, a sort of breakfast version of the Double Down.

Aside from being kind of a bad and obvious joke, the Double Brown wasn't half bad. Your fingers get a little greasy, but it is a suitable way to inject a hearty amount of fat and carbs into your gut. I think you should try one.

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  1. I can't lay claim as the original inventor, because I don't know if anyone before me has done it. But, just about two years ago during my overnight-shift tenure with Nice N Easy, I invented the most glorious of breakfast edibles. T'was hash browns for buns, two eggs (scrambled and cooked in our bread oven), two slices of bacon, and two slices of cheese (I think I used pepperack). It was a morbid monstrosity of unparalleled deliciousness.


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