Friday, January 7, 2011

The Interesting Burgers of Deleware Ave.

After hearing many good things, I went over to the Wine & Diner on Deleware Ave. for a little dinner

I apologize for the shoddy photography, but lately I am of the mind that it is sort of rude to spend a nice dinner at a new place snapping away pictures and whatnot. Hence I haven't been doing too many restaurant "review" type posts. A food critic I am not. I do sometimes find that I have the urge to share when I locate an especially interesting menu item.

First we have the "Macaroni and Cheese Burger," photographed here at my house cold, and in leftover form. The burger title is pretty straight forward, i.e. it is a burger. With macaroni and cheese.

The W. & D. did a very good job with this sandwich. Nice toasty bun, cooked medium rare as I requested, and topped with flavorful mac cheese. However, I will still say that you have to cross the Normanskill for the penultimate ridiculous burger offered on Deleware Ave. You will remember the "Deep Fried Buffalo Burger" I told you about from Swifty's in Delmar. Here is a picture to refresh your memory (although some of you may have never forgotten).

Anyhow, the second menu item of note that caught my fancy was the fried Brie appetizer (I shamelessly shot this photo after having consumed a piggish portion all by myself).

You get three large wedges of fried brie served over a balsamic reduction. For the 8 or 9 bucks they were charging, I was astounded by the large amount of brie served. I would have been satisfied with a single wedge. I thoroughly enjoyed this appetizer, my only critique would be that it might not be out of place to serve a cracker/crostini/bread item as an accompaniment (you get the fried cheese, reduction, and a plate). Luckily, I had also ordered a hummus (very good as well) appetizer, so I used some of the tasty pitas from that to scoop up melty fried cheese.

I am kind of excited about the W. & D. I appreciated the whimsical and varied scope of the menu, the decor was nice, the service friendly, you can get a drink, and to top it all off, while not being necessarily a "family" restaurant per se, they seem to be pretty toddler friendly. I didn't get any death stares about the ol' Giblet monster and they have a children's menu. I look forward to subsequent visits. I saw a hanger steak w/chimichurri that I wouldn't mind trying, also a bunch of interesting vegetarian options (dal and some sort of harissa veg medley). Give it a whirl, the place is very reasonably priced to boot.


  1. I am very curious about this place, putting on the restaurant queue

  2. Been meaning to go for awhile. I can't recall anyone saying anything negative about the place.

  3. have been a few times and its always great food!

  4. Agreed - my wife and I have been a few times and it's always a great experience. The food is unique but the atmosphere is relaxed and no-nonsense, and the prices are decent as well. A couple of recommendations if you do go back: I adore the Hawaiian Burger (coconut-encrusted with hot ham, pineapple, and their amazing spicy aioli) and the Prince Namor is also quite good (it's got turkey, "langostino lobster" - whatever that is - avocado and bacon, again with that spicy aioli).

  5. Left very very happy both times I've been there. Personally I am willing to be rude and bring a huge camera to the table, I just don't get much of a chance.

  6. I'm usually sans camera myself, but my friend N got some shots of her Black and Blue burger and my insane-in-a-good-way Carpetbaggin' burger our first trip out:


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