Friday, February 18, 2011

French Vanilla, Cream, Two Sugars

In case you are wondering, "French Vanilla, Cream, Two Sugars" is definitely not the way I take my coffee. In fact, I am not much of a coffee drinker at all. I am more of a P&G Tips (two bags, milk and sugar) kind of guy.

The above pictured urban tumble weed was blown by the winter winds onto my front step this sunny morn. I smiled at the grease pencil scrawl on the cup, which to the immature mind appears to spell "FUCTS." I was informed some time ago by a friend that "French Vanilla, Cream, Two Sugars" is such a common order at Dunkin Donuts that the cheeky workers have created this unique shorthand. I don't blame them for making the V look a little more like a U, you have to live for life's small comedies.

Anyhow, enjoy this beautiful day. I am sure the weather gods are only allowing us a peek at spring. There are surely a few more bleak, gray, and cold days to come before old man Winter packs his bags.

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