Monday, April 18, 2011

Kinnaree Ain't Afraid

Look at that beautiful runny egg (on some Gob Dol Bi Bim Bop). Look at it! The white ain't even set, muhahahaha! I have a thing for barely cooked eggs, don't ask me why. In any event, the red hot stone bowl cooks the egg through when you stir up the dish. But I admire the balls the restaurant (Kinnaree, Lark St.) shows by presenting this dish this way given our society, which is so filled with squeamish, simpering ninnies. Although I will say that the sauce they served with this dish was a little tame as far as the heat level goes. Simply remedied, I will request something spicy next time.

Here is a picture of the Mee Krob that I ordered because the name sounded like Klingon food (it was actually fried noodles and shrimp, not that a Klingon wouldn't like noodles and shrimp...).

Based on my first experience, I think I really like Kinnaree. I will have to confirm with subsequent visits.


Suddenly, Crab Salad!

I didn't put up a picture of the Crab Salad because I didn't eat any. But some friends did and they drooled and raved about it. So hear is a picture, it does look good doesn't it?


  1. I think Mee Krob may be a bit sweet for the Klingon palate. But I could imagine them going to town on the Gob Dol Bi Bim Bap if they could get over the fact that it sounds like some song from a Disney movie about a Princess.

  2. hot damn runny eggs are Best Evar. eggs are the first thing i learned to cook, and my mother's preference was either eggs fried with yolks runny or barely set scrambled, and her tastes rubbed off on me. everything is better with runny eggs, and i always crack one or two into my ramen whenever i make it.


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