Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pizza Sapiens

Every time I see this particular vendor at the Knick (I refuse these new fangled terms. "Pepsi," or "Times Union," Bah!) my mind reads "Pizza Sapiens." I am then carried away with visions of some intermediary species between Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens and their unusual feeding/mating habits... I am prone to bizarre mental tangents. Anyhow, I think they should embrace the "Pizza Sapiens" title and dress like cavemen and grunt, carry clubs, and dress in skins. Then I wouldn't feel so bad about paying them 10 bucks for a slice of crappy pizza and a diet Coke.

Anyways, I was there for a hockey game (go Devils). So of course, hot dogs happend.

The hot dog chili was pretty weak (i.e. it had tomatoes in it), but as I am hardcore, I still put some spicy brown on those bad boys.

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