Friday, April 1, 2011

Silence from Mr. Dave. Then suddenly....Croghan Bologna!

I have not up and head for the hills, forever forsaking (again) blogging (yet). I have actually been out among the wilds of Central New York for a few weeks (don't ask...). So I thought I would check in and show you part of the culinary spoils that I have been enjoying whilst in the Utica/Rome area. Above is a lovely ring of Croghan Bologna. You would have to be real lucky to find this North Country pearl as far south as the Capital, but it is easily available in these here parts.

I also indulged in a little gas station tomato pie.

There have been cheese curds, Utica Club, Utica Greens, fried peppers, and innumerable other local favorites sampled at venerable establishments such as the Franklin Hotel and Mazzaferro's Meats and Deli.

Mayhaps I shall return to the shores of the mighty Hudson laden with exotic delicacies from my travels. We shall see.


  1. Gotta love a tomato pie! Did you also drink some Saranac while you've been up here? :)

  2. check out hapanowicz meat market while you are out there.

  3. i found some croghan bologna for sale online.

  4. I grew up between the place where this is made

    and this is made

    it wasn't a proper football party if you did not have these both offered with some spicy mustard.
    I didn't know it was sold as far south as Utica.
    If you get the chance to get either fresh it is much better then the day or two it takes to get to the stores.


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