Saturday, June 25, 2011

Capital Region Style Hot Dog Sized Buns!

I picked these up over at the Hannaford's on Deleware this afternoon. Rejoice local hot dog consumers! No longer shall you have to cut Freihofer's buns in half when you partake in a diminutive dog (here is one of many posts I have penned on the subject).

If you don't know, here in the Capital Region of NY we take our dogs about 3" long with meat sauce, mustard, and onions. Famous Lunch and Charlie's are two local institutions who are pioneers on this front, I won't get too much into the lore of the dinky dog right now. For home consumption the requisite small dogs have been available at Rolf's Pork Store and are distributed by Helmbold's to many local grocers. They look like this.

Or from Rolf's, like this.

So anyhow, finding the dogs, no problem. Finding the proper buns was always sort of a hassel. Until now!

These buns are "distributed" by Helmbold's, I am assuming they are actually produced by one local baker or another. My hypothesis is that they are the same buns utilized by Famous Lunch, but I could be wrong. They are of the denser crumbed, more substantial type of hot dog bun that Famous lunch favors as opposed to the pillowy softness of a Charlie's bun (or a Freihofer's for that matter). They kind of remind me of a miniature hoagie roll to tell you the truth.

As with Famous', these guys have cornmeal on the bottom.

Kudos to Helmbold's (Old World Provision) for filling this gaping hole in my life. I bought two giant sacks and froze a bunch. I think the price was 3.88$ for about 20 rolls. As of now I have only seen them at Hannaford's which I generally never go to. I haven't been to P-Chopistan in a week, I will let you know if I see them there.


  1. I think hannaford has some other brand of mini hot dog rolls, but they're $2.29 for 12 - a bit much for what's basically a half-dozen normal sized rolls.

    I wonder if some of the bakeries in the area make them for something sorta cheap. Seems like the kind of thing Bella Napoli would be into.

    1. When I was a young man Perrotta's Bakery in the Albia section of Troy,NY used to make these rolls.I don't know if they still exist


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