Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Fleet is Growing (Pez from P-Chopistan)

If you will remember, a short while ago I got all excited about obtaining a couple of Stewart's themed Pez dispensers. Well weren't I just tickled to find out that P-Chopistan (Price Chopper, click for way more posts on the subject then you may have ever dreamed to exist) has their very own Pez dispenser as well! I kind of like this gimmick, I was always a fan of Pez. I hope to accumulate a fleet of locally themed Pez dispensers, I think Hot Dog Charlie's should be next.

I will have to give the beauty in design award to the Stewart's truck. I find the P-Chopistani one to be a bit garish.

Anyhow, I was thinking that I wanted my very own Mr. Dave themed Pez dispenser. Only, I don't simply want my name on a truck. I want it to be the real deal head with the pez shootin' out of my neck. Well wouldn't you know? There is someone out there providing this very service (oh internets, how I love thee). So Mrs. Dave, if you are reading I am in the mood for a present.

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