Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oatmeal Machine: A Thing of Nightmares, or Dreams?

We truly live in the time of machines. I found "The Oatmeal Station" at the Hess Mart at the bottom of the hill in Troy (by Hudson Valley, you know...). Is oatmeal a foodstuff that I want dispensed from a machine? I am perfectly comfortable with a cheese dispenser, even chili dispensers don't phase me much, but oatmeal? I just don't know if I can live at that speed.

Anyhow, I only managed to spy this marvel of gas station cuisine (if you have been reading for a while, then you will know I am a fan of le cuisine du petrol) after I had paid for my soda and was nigh out the door. So I kind of would have felt like a big tool going back to the register with a steaming cup of machine-meal.

But tomorrow, oh yes, tomorrow morning I shall have my prize. I am going to let a torrent of sweet, lumpy magma shoot forth from the "Oatmeal Station's" spigot into the biggest vessel they have available. I will surely let you know if the product is an ambrosia like marvel of modern technology, or a disappointing failure. Is it weird that I hope the stuff is good? Also, would it be rude to ask if the gas station attendant might be troubled to take the cover off so that I can have a looksey at the device's innards?


  1. Please please please tell me it makes a farting noise as it dispenses the oatmeal.

  2. I've seen these at hess as well and was curious about them. Can't wait till you try it tomorrow.

  3. I actually work at a hess that has one of these contraptions and I was skeptical too. My boss convinced me to try a cup one morning and its actually not half bad. Go for the apple and cinnamon one if you do end up trying it. That's definitely the best one.

  4. Hi! If possible, could you please compare/contrast with Mcdonald's oatmeal?

    Really liked your series on Utica foods by the way, you even covered Utica grind and that impressed me greatly.

    Like your blog :)


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