Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taylor Ham Seems To Be Making Inroads Into Our Territory

I have been spying more and more Pork Roll in our local grocers as of late. I even managed to pick up some actual Taylor Ham at the Slingerlands Price Chopper yesterday. It is always interesting to me when the boundary of a regional food product gains territory so I thought that I would note this here.

If you don't know, Taylor Ham is a processed pork item most commonly used in the making of a Jersey Breakfast (pork roll, egg, and cheese on a bread product). While not unheard of this far north in New York, Taylor ham is not a standard here as it is in parts of Jersey and the lower reaches of the Empire State.

The Taylor brand hails from Trenton, NJ and I happened to pass through that troubled city not too long ago. I snapped a picture of their (sort of) famous bridge which proudly proclaims "Trenton Makes The World Takes" in homage to the cities past glory as a manufacturing center.

Anyhow, read the wiki as it is pretty interesting. A form of pork roll (i.e. chopped ham formed and sliced) seems to have existed as far back as the Battle of Trenton (Revolutionary War), and in its present state for over a hundred years. That is some history for a fairly unassuming pork product. I think pork roll will be a welcome addition as a meat selection in the pantheon of egg n' cheese sandwiches available in the Capital Region.

I will probably whip up a couple of Taylor Ham sarnies for breakfast tomorrow, they are kind of fun to make. You have to put snips in the edges of the pork roll slices so they dont get all curly. Some people call the resulting shape "Pac-Man Bacon" which is unspeakably awesome.
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