Friday, August 12, 2011

Waffle House

I was down south of the Mason Dixon this morning (more on that later) and I was happy to find that there was a Waffle House next to my hotel. I know that this blog has kind of been "The Ridiculous Food Society of Anywhere Except Upstate New York" lately, but my travel schedule should ease after the summer and I can get back on topic. But anyway, I made an early morning (very early morning) trip to the "WH" prior to the my flight back to Albany. I am not a huge "breakfast" food fan except for poached/soft boiled/otherwise runny eggs, but I always make a point to go to Waffle House when it is in my vicinity because I find the place very amusing.

I was a little surprised that at just a tic past 5 AM the place was fairly packed, but people do love Waffle House I guess... Having a slight case of early morning indigestion I decided to go fairly light and bland with my order. I got two eggs over easy, one of the house's eponymous waffles, and some hash browns.

The hashbrowns are kind of one of Waffle House's things and usually my favorite part of the experience. I like "all the way" except for mushrooms as I find the texture of mushrooms odd with hashbrowns. Today, my gullet was not up to chili and jalapenos and I did not think it particularly fair to inflict the resulting rumbling of my GI tract on my fellow air travelers. I went with covered and smothered (onions and cheese) instead.

I really don't like waffles much, but since I was in their "House," I went ahead and got one.

Say what you want, the waffles have a certain appeal with their strange ultra-buttery flavor. That being said, one serving every couple years is enough for me. I almost stole the "Case De Waffles" picante sauce as a relic from my adventure, but then I thought that might be a very stupid thing to get arrested for in Georgia.

I found evidence of vegetable matter being offered by Waffle House and it made me laugh. You could have covered this picture of a salad with a dime. It is as if they don't want you to be distracted from the meat, fat, and starch that prevails on the rest of the menu.

I was amused by the "Meat Lovers" versions of some protein/egg combos.

3 grilled chicken breasts and eggs for breakfast? Unless you are a weight lifter that is enough protein to throw you into ketosis. Plus it is kind of sick to eat two life stages of poultry at the same time. I kind of regret not ordering the "Uncle Joe's" pork chop offering, because I was curious as to the portion size of the meat. Perhaps next time.

I have a few more musings on my Georgia trip, but I am too lazy to type them right now. Perhaps tomorrow, don't know. Don't know if I will have enough time. It is going to be a nice little Saturday (see what I did there, I am being Will Ferrell).


  1. At least I'm not the only one to think that chicken and eggs is weird. I just can't eat them together.

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