Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Usinger's PBR Salami. Hipsters Would Be All Over This, But They Probably Never Heard Of it...

I rambled across a post about beer bottle shaped, Pabst Blue Ribbon labeled salami on the internets the other week. Well, internets why don't you just take my money? Within 15 minutes I had researched the origin of the PBR salami and had one on its merry way to my home. As it turns out this particular fortuitously shaped sausage is produced by Usinger's out of Milwaukee, WI. Usinger's is a venerable house of sausage that has been on my radar for a while, so I took the PBR salami thing as a good excuse to sample some of their wares. Tickled pink I was when today this showed up on my doorstep.

I ended up ordering the "Brewmaster's Dream" off of the Usinger's online store, it was about 35 bucks shipped. Emblazoned on the box were two of my favorite words of the English language, "Perishable Meats."

Usinger's also happens to have one of the best company mascots of all time. Here we have "Fritzie" lord of the sausage making elves.

The package that I purchased included a couple of packs of hickory sticks, 2 blocks of your run of the mill processed cheese, some crackers, some Beer Nuts, a cunning little sausage knife, and the pièce de résistance, 1 PBR bottle shaped beef salami.

Now before people (hipsters) started ironically drinking PBR, PBR was a very un-ironic member of the American Lagar (like our own Upstate Utica Club, and Genesee about which I have wasted much breath) family produced (like Usinger's products) in Milwaukee. The PBR salami is most definitely not trying to capitalize on the current fad, and that is why I find it endearing. What better center/conversation piece for your savory cracker platter? I unabashedly crave cheapish summer sausage, Hickory Farms-ish fake cheese, and crackers washed down with thin Lager right about the time the air crisps and football starts. Don't know why. So I can't wait to crack into this a little farther into the season. Usinger's also makes a football shaped summer sausage which very well may have to be in my next shipment of meats. I will update when I have sliced into this lovely creation with a detailed report.


  1. I just saw at the Sausage Maker that you can buy a 3 pack of beer bottle casings for $10.

  2. RUM HAM


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