Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Gallery of Stewart's Signage: Part 2

A Gallery of Stewart's Signage: Part 1

I have accumulated a few more interesting examples of Stewart's Shops advertising since my last post on the subject (linked above, a slightly more exhaustive collection). But I was cleaning off the old iPhone today and thought I would share a few more.

Check out the above, don't know why hunters wouldn't be welcome at Stewart's but I think it is nice that this location went out of its way to make the shooters of deers feel extra welcome. I also like the coffee cup with antlers, that is a nice touch right there.

Something about the sandwich board always makes me laugh. Look at the upper lefthand corner. Advertised is a "Bread Sandwich." I know that they meant a sandwich on white sandwich bread but I still think it is funny. I imagine them giving you two slices of bread with a third mayo smeared slice in between. It is also kind of funny that they use a picture of an egg salad sandwich as this is the least attractive sandwich of them all. It looks like a pigeon drank a 1/2 quart of Stewart's nog and then pooped it.

Now this here is just a good deal, plain and simple. 2 Deli Dogs with meat sauce and fixin's for less than 2 greenbills? You can't argue with that value. I love deli dogs with mustard and meat sauce, this is one of my dearest shameful pleasures. The sight of those two anthropomorphic, siamese twin hot dog guys in their sweet binary apron never fails to make me smile. Did I mention fixin's!?!

So there Hershey's, you can suck it.

Not really a sign per se, but I always thought that this thing was awesome. You get a wee, perfect scoop of Stewart's Ice Cream (#1 Best in the World!) in a tiny sized cone. Excellent for cranky 3 year old maintenance or for personal snacking. A much more attractive free sample display than this-

This made me chuckle endlessly, I even posted about it a while ago and someone else posted about the phenomena on Reddit. Stewart's was offering free samples of bread in individual slices in small ziploc sandwich bags clipped to a weird little pole. Anyone else find that to be the funniest thing of all time? Maybe it is just me.

Anyhow, I would like to become something of a clearing house for weird things seen at Stewart's. Email them to me at mrdavespantry@gmail.com and I will think of a way to perserve them for posterity.


  1. Oh, Stewarts... How I miss you.

  2. I love these collections of signs.

  3. I am sooo excited to go home and get some Stewart's Ice Cream next weekend!! I've been in DC for a few years and I miss it so much. The lil girl living in my womb in craving it as well!!

  4. They just finished building a new Stewarts behind the old Stewarts across the street from Hoffman's Playland on 9. Haven't been in to check it out yet. I hope they have some good signs.


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